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Juvenile Cellulitis- the home stretch

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

We are now on predisone 2.5 mg every other day. On Thurs will be her last dose. So far doing great on our 2nd try of weaning her off the meds. The week after next we’ll have another control appt. Hopefully we’ll be given the greenlight and she’ll get vaccinated. I’m just so paranoid about having an unvacc puppy right now. I think it might be too cold for Parvo and maybe Distemper to hang around, but you never know. She still is kept inside. The poor dog has been inside for 3 months!

And not only will she need her vacc schedule started all over again but soon it’ll be time to get her spayed in the spring. She just has one thing after the other lol.  So a week and half and then hopefully Atla will have her freedom again!

Oh and she’ll have to put up me messing with her ears as they want to flop but just quite can’t. Will have to get the proper tape to brace them and then the eyelash glue to fold them and keep them like that.