Juvenile Cellulitis a week after the last blog

Again some wound pictures, don’t look if your squeamish, ect ect.

So here we are a week after she’s been on meds. Her face is looking better although slightly scabby. Same with her eyes, and a little bald around them. She’s still very itchy. Pill time is her favorite time. She can hear when I get the cheese out to slice. Comes running, even has barked at me to hurry up. Although the good thing is I’ve managed to teach her sit. I won’t let her jump on me to get to the cheese faster and make her sit at least for a second before I give her, the cheesy treat.

Also I’ve got the oral meds down pat. She knows she can’t run away from me now and that she also gets cheese after taking her antibiotics. So she calmly lets me squirt it into her mouth and eagerly awaits her prize. :)

Unfortunately and for a while yet, she is still getting the fistules. She has now one on the corner of her cheek and left ear. The one on her hip, they managed to open and clean out, it’s actually 2 holes there. Lets wait and see if they merge into one, they are so close together. The one on her bottom is also cleaned out now and 2 holes. Actually one looks almost like a deep laceration it’s a bit long to look like a hole.
wound on her bottom

Her hip
Where they had the IV last week, has managed to ulcerate slightly too. Yesterday she stayed all day at the Teaching Hospital Viiki in Helsinki. I guess her fecal float didn’t look so good as they gave me a name of a stronger de-wormer to use then the one I had used. Oh well such is life, puppy and worms seems to be synonymous. Luckily us that she came with them though… argh… Remember that breeders, de-worm the puppies even if you think momma dog is worm free, she can still carry the eggs and pass them on!

If the fistules that have opened like the ones on her chest, the bigger one isn’t healing so fast, they will do a biopsy at her next appt in 2 weeks.

But they told us her spirit is great, everything else is normal besides her being bloated from water retention (gotta love predisone) She looks like a fat little sausage/space astronaut with the way her gauze is covering her. lol

I’ve gotta keep cleaning the wounds 2 to 3 times a day. She still has to take the antibiotics and predisone twice a day. The dosages stay the same till her next appt. If we were to lessen the pred now, she would probably flare up in her face and eyes again and we have enough with the fistules still popping up!

Anyway unless something drastic happens, I will update in a week or so or maybe after her next appt!
Space Cadet!

Her space helmet

spoiled puppy on the couch..

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